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Plant protein has the advantages of wide source, low cost, easy digestion and absorption by human body, zero cholesterol, and saturated fatty acid. In recent years, the application of low-moisture texturized vegetable protein foods and high-moisture texturized vegetable protein products in the food field has attracted more and more attention. HMMA(High Moisture Meat Analogue) is widely used in various shapes products, such as vegetarian hamburger, vegetarian beef steak, chicken fillet, vegetarian chicken, vegetarian sausages, etc.

At the same time as the research and development of traditional vegetable protein texturized production equipment, Joyang Machinery Co., Ltd. is at the forefront of mechanical research and development and food extrusion technology, and has developed a new twin-screw high-moisture vegetable protein extruder earlier. The extruder is at the same level as the international brands in terms of technical quality, and has super cost-effective in terms of cost of use and production efficiency.

Our high-moisture protein extruder has the advantages of high automation and easy operation, low energy consumption, high pressure, high output, and accurate temperature control, so as to produce high-quality vegetable protein meat products. On the basis of products with meat texture and toughness, our company can also provide equipment to complete stewing, seasoning, sterilization and packaging processes to let users enjoy our one-stop shopping and enjoy high-end service experience after sales.

Flow Chart of High Moisture Meat Analogue Extruder:

Raw materials mixingextrusion and texturization forming stewing seasoningsterilization packaging




Installed capacity(kw)





130 KW

90 Kw

120-150 kg/hr