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Frying snacks processing machinery adopts wide range raw materials for production. Wheat flour, corn flour, starch, and various cereals flour can be mixed together for extrusion. And we make shaping and cutting machines to match with extruder to get various shapes products.

For different raw materials and finished products, there are the single-screw extruder, the twin-screw extruder, as well as secondary extrusion extruder to choose from.

For different frying requirement (Like time and temperature) of different products, we provide the continuous frying machine and the batch frying machine. In addition, we can also supply the oil tank, oil filter, etc.

With the different extruder and novel shapes mould, various shapes products can be produced, such as square chips, bugles, tortilla, 2D pellet snacks, 3D pellet snacks, screws, tubes, rings, stars, flowers, fish, birds, dolphin, elephant, teddy bear, shark, wheels, plane, worms, smile face, digits & letters, and so on. After frying and puffing, to get crispy taste snack products

Flow Chart of frying snacks processing machinery:

Raw material mixing Extrusion Shaping & Cutting Drying FryingFlavoringCoolingPackaging



Installed Power (kw)

Power Consumption (kw·h)

Capacity (kg/h)

Dimension (m)