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As an emerging pet food, cold-pressed pet food has attracted much attention since its launch. The technical process is simpler and only needs to be crushed and compressed. It has a strong competitive advantage and a wide range of applications. The equipment system has a simple structure, small size, low price and strong mobility.

The cold-pressed pet food machine can add nutrients such as lecithin and various vitamins. Pure physical compression molding, no high temperature destroys the original ecological nutrients of the meat, and the vitamin activity is maintained. Compared with puffed pet food, cold-pressed pet food can use a higher proportion of meat products. The raw materials are simple but high-end, rich in high protein, and greatly improve the quality of pet food. There is no need to season with the back-end seasoning machine, reduce food additives, and make pet food more nutritious and healthy. Pets have no tear marks after eating, healthy teeth, smooth hair, light feces smell, etc.


1. It can better preserve the nutrients in the raw materials and reduce the loss and damage of nutrients caused by high temperature;

2. It can retain the original taste of food, taste better, and naturally attract pets;

3. It can achieve 0 starch addition, and can add a higher proportion of fresh meat;

4. There is no need to add food attractants, spray grease, etc., clean and fresh, reduce black chin.

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Cold-pressed pet food machine