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Why choose our floating fish feed production line

Shandong Joyang Machinery Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research and development of floating fish feed production lines.
Date: 2023-09-28Views:
The fish feed production line capacity have from 150kg/h to 5t/h to meet the different production requirements of customers.

1.Complete raw material processing machine
We can provide stainless steel pulverizer, hammer mill for grand grains; we can also provide bone breaker, meat grinder, colloid wet mill for processing bones, meat and other raw materials. Meet the raw material requirements of different customers.

2.Fully automatic batching system
The raw material distribution system can realize the distribution of different materials to different silos.
It adopts high precision weighing sensor control, and is equipped with variable-speed feeding method to ensure the accuracy requirements of weighing.
Various forms fo storage bins can be configured to meet the storage of different materials.

3.Energy can be customized
The barrel of the extruder can be heated electrically or with steam. Dryer can use electricity, steam, oil, and gas. We can even make dual energy dryer, such as: electricity + steam.

4.Cooling and packaging
In order to ensure the storage and transportation of fish feed, we use a counter-flow cooler to cool the fish feed. The current cooling design uses the material to fully contact the cold air, which improves the cooling efficiency. Finally, the fish feed is transported to the packaging machine for packaging.

5.Professional service, rich experience
Our engineer can make a layout according to customer’s factory size. We can also provide basic formulas for customers who are first start their own business.

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