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Under the situation of epidemic prevention and control, Joyang Machinery company’s thoughtful service

Shandong Joyang Machinery Co., Ltd. has achieved remarkable results under the joint efforts of senior management team, supply team, marketing team, sales team, technical team, production team and after-sales service team
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"During the epidemic, can your company send engineers for installation, commissioning , maintenance training to the operators?" This is the most frequently asked question by customers. Since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020. Below we will briefly describe how our company has successfully completed the entire foreign buyer order service process during the epidemic prevention and control period:

1. The basis of after-sales service is a large number of machine orders. Our order volume has not decreased but increased during the epidemic. Because our pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale services have been further strengthened during the epidemic, customer satisfaction has improved significantly during the special period. Therefore, more and more potential buyers will mention the issues mentioned at the beginning of the article before placing an order;

2.The continuous influx of orders and the continuous accumulation of after-sales service experience allow the majority of users to save time and money cost of after-sales service. Usually, our after-sales engineers will be sent to the customer's factory for after-sales service, and the transportation, visa fees, accommodation and travel subsidies are all borne by the user. These are the most common material costs. So what is the time cost? The time cost is mainly due to our after-sales service queuing according to the customer's machine delivery order and the user's factory infrastructure readiness, so that the service can be carried out in an orderly manner. Then, when there are many orders, many customers have to wait for the after-sales engineer to complete the after-sales service of the more advanced user machine before returning to the company to apply for a new visa (usually 7~14 working days), plus a round-trip time, the customer's waiting period is extended. Therefore, the time cost cannot be ignored.

3.Specifically, how do we provide services in the state of epidemic prevention and control?

A.Before the sale, if the customer has no relevant experience, we will help the customer to plan the site and inform the basic requirements of the machine. And provide market analysis and cost analysis of related products to answer customer’s various questions;

B.After receiving the order, our company reports the effective production progress of the order to the customer regularly. Before delivery, we will test and inspect the machine in a targeted manner, and at the same time, we will take video to explain all the specific details of equipment connection, assembly, operation, maintenance, etc., and send it to the user for better understanding of the machines, until the user has finished watching the video and there isn’t any doubts, we will arrange delivery. Compared with the text operation instructions, the explanation video for the specific equipment specified by the customer is more intuitive and easier to understand. What you see is what you get;

C.After the customer receives the machine and the local water, electricity, workers, raw materials, etc. meet the installation conditions, notify our company of the specific installation start schedule;

D. Our sales will report to the after-sales service department after receiving the notification from the customer. The after-sales service department arranges 1~2 experienced engineers to cooperate with the sales(who can explain by English) to coordinate the relevant work according to the machine models purchased by the user. No matter where the user is or how much time difference, our after-sales service is always on call, allowing customers to greatly shorten the installation and commissioning period, carry out product production activities as soon as possible and put them on the market, make profits as soon as possible, and occupy a larger market share.

Shandong Joyang Machinery Co., Ltd. has achieved remarkable results under the joint efforts of senior management team, supply team, marketing team, sales team, technical team, production team and after-sales service team. On April 20, the Peruvian nutrition fortified rice production line user completed the installation and commissioning of the equipment, and reported to our company the joy of the successful installation the equipment by video clips. In the post-epidemic era, we will definitely keep pace with the times and provide online services and on-site services, so that more customers can enjoy the most reasonable services from Shandong Jiaoyang Machinery Co., Ltd.

Reminder: Our company can provide on-site service for domestic users. The above description is only for foreign buyers’ reference before all boarders open.

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