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Tips for a visit from Shandong Joyang Machinery Co., Ltd.

In recent months, we have received many buyers from different countries, and at the same time we have successfully signed almost all orders from these buyers. However, some buyers from many countries reported that their visit time was delayed due to failure to apply for visas to China, which forced the postponement of established purchase plans. In view of the buyer's eagerness to understand the mood of Shandong Joyang Machinery Co., Ltd., we have prepared the following tips for you:
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A. About the invitation letter:

1. If the Chinese embassy in the country requires you to submit a business invitation letter, please contact the sales manager in time, and we will issue you an invitation letter with our company letterhead. On the invitation letter, we will mention the visitor's identity information, passport number, date of visit and period of stay in our company, the main purpose of the business visit and so on. Please contact the sales manager who is connected with you and inform the relevant information so as to assist you in applying for the visa in time;

2. If the Chinese embassy in the country requires you to submit an official invitation letter (government invitation letter). Then the invitation letter also needs to be applied by our company to the foreign affairs office of this city. Usually, we need to submit the visitor’s identity information, visitor’s occupational information (including company information, company dispatch letter), business communication records between buyers and sellers, order remittance records and other information in order to verify that there are real business communication records and increase the probability of issuing an official invitation letter.

B. Regarding the schedule of visits:

As buyers from more and more countries come to visit, the possibility of meeting the same sales manager on the same day due to the coincidence of timing is very high. In order to achieve close communication and perfect machine display, we suggest you confirm the date of visit with the sales manager in advance, so that we can coordinate the meeting time with all buyers. If the sales manager has other customer reception works to deal with on the same day, we will arrange other sales managers with professional knowledge and rich experience to meet and discuss with you, so that you can live up to the trip.

C. Regarding the planning of the inspection:

Each visiting buyer is in a different project stage, some are in the initial stage of project investigation, some are in the stage of purchasing decision-making, some are in the stage of repurchase project customization discussion, and so on. In order to understand the most concerned factors of your visit, please inform us your time plan and the machinery & equipment you want to focus on in advance, such as whether machine testing is required, expected test result requirements, etc. Joyang Machinery will be prepared to objectively and truly display the machines and equipment, allowing you to experience the operation of the machine and understand the performance of the machine.

D. Measures to deal with obstacles encountered for visits:

If the buyer is unable to visit due to personal time, visa, cost and other reasons, we can communicate with you through video conference, and display the status of machinery and equipment in real time, as well as the scale of our factory and other information. In addition, our company welcomes buyers to entrust a credible third-party inspection company or relatives and friends in China to visit our company and report our equipment and company information. Joyang Machinery company ensures you purchase with confidence and worry-free after-sales in all available ways.

If you also happen to have ideas and plans for a visit, please contact the sales manager of Joyang Machinery in time! All staff of Shandong Joyang Machinery Co., Ltd. are looking forward to your visit.

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