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JY - 50KW Cabinet Type Microwave Dryer for Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Joyang microwave drying machine can dry and sterilize a wide range of insects, including mealworm, BSF larva, crickets, grasshopper, etc.
Date: 2024-05-10Views:
After our many tests and customers' feedback, JY-50KW Cabinet type microwave drying machine is most suitable and popular for drying BSF larva, mealworm, etc.

The advantages of our Cabinet type microwave dryer:
1.It is suitable for the customers who is first time to use microwave for drying BSF larvae. High cost-effectiveness and it occupies a small space
2.Easy to install, operate and maintain. Usually 1 person is enough to run and manage the machine. Just put the insect larvae into the tray and start drying. When the setting drying time is up, the microwave will automatically turn off.
3.It can sterilize the bacteria during drying.
4.Energy saving and Environmental friendly.
5.The insects after microwave drying is with good colour, the good appearance and high puff. 

Shandong Joyang Machinery can provide the black soldier fly larvae screening machine and washing machine before drying, the oil pressing machine and milling machine after drying.

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