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How to custom pet food/ aquatic feed production line?

Our extrusion line can produce dry pet food (like dog food, cat food, etc) and aquatic feed( like floating and sinking fish feed, shrimp feed ,abalone feed, etc) by changing the different molds.
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Step 1: Tell us your raw materials to pet food/ aquatic feed.

It can use meat meal, fish meal, bone powder, corn flour, soya meal, wheat flour and other grains powder as raw material.

You can also use meat, bone, animal viscera, vegetables, fruitsgrains etc to produce pet food/aquatic feed. And we can provide the material processing machines.

Step 2: Tell us your target capacity or your investment for this production line.

We can provide different capacities pet food/ aquatic feed process line, like 140-160kg/h, 240-260kg/h, 400-500kg/h, 800-1000kg/h, 1-1.5T/h, 1.5-2T/h, 2-3T/h, etc.

Step 3: Tell us the energy available in your workshop.

We can provide the different energy of twin screw extruder( electric heating and steam heating ), and drying equipment ( electric dryer, gas dryer, diesel dryer and steam dryer)

Step 4: Tell us the industrial voltage in your workshop.

Our pet/aquatic food production line need both 3 phase voltage and single phase voltage. Please confirm it with your electrical engineer. For example, the industrial voltage in China is 3 phase 380V 50Hz and single phase 220V 50Hz.

If you have other requirements about your pet food/aquatic feed processing line, please tell us more information.