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Advantages of Microwave Machine for Drying Sesame Seeds

Sesame, also known as sesame and flax, has an oil content of up to 55%. It is one of the main oil crops in China and has high application value. It can be used as edible oil, excellent massage oil, ointment base, sticky and slippery agent, antidote, etc. It can also be used for industrial production of lubricants and soaps.
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1. Fast speed and good quality
Traditional sesame drying mostly uses heat conduction drying methods such as sun drying or hot air drying. Due to long drying time and uneven heating, product quality declines, which leads to a decline in corporate profits. Microwave drying machine is used to dry sesame seeds. Drying, the drying speed is fast, up to several times that of the traditional process, the product quality is good, the nutritional ingredients, original color, fragrance, etc. of the product are preserved to a great extent, improving product quality, while the machine saves energy consumption and has no environmental pollution. Greatly improve corporate efficiency.

2. Effective sterilization

At present, many customers are still using woks. The tunnel microwave machine saves energy and is fully automatic without manual operation. The sesame seeds can be puffed while baking. Microwave drying machine can also sterilize materials and effectively kill bacteria, mold, etc. attached to them. When the material is exposed to a microwave field of 75-85°C for 2-3 minutes, the bacteria attached to it are effectively killed. There is no need for secondary sterilization, no need to put in sterilizing drugs, no additional costs, no drug residues, and the product is safe.

3. Easy to control, advanced technology

Sesame microwave drying machine is easy to control and has advanced technology. Compared with conventional methods, microwaves are ready to use and do not require a preheating process. They are not only flexible and convenient to operate, but also save energy consumption. The machine adopts PLC automatic control, one-button setting, the system is fully automatic, and the labor intensity is low. 

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